Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friends of Preston Park

Last night's AGM was in some ways a make or break meeting for FoPP.  Having developed from a protest movement into a more mainstream organisation people had to come to terms with the fact that this means fewer members and fewer activities instigated by the group.  So what exactly is its role and where is it going?  And perhaps more importantly, who is willing to take it there?
Nick Smith and Reuben Kench of Stockton Council were guest speakers and gave an inspiring vision of the future not only for the park but for the Friends if they want to be involved.  There were many questions from the floor and most of them were able to be answered.
Then came the crunch - who was willing to be part of the committee, developing that vision into something useful and meaningful?  After much debate, some of it hearking back to what began to sound like the good old days of protest, a good number of volunteers came forward and the committee has now some new blood on it, a new chairperson and a  new event to plan for.
No time to waste - the first event is the lighting of the Jubilee Beacon on June 4th.  The first committee meeting is arranged and the new chairperson has the job of welding the committee together.  It won't be easy but if she can pull it off the Friends of Preston Park will take on a new lease of life.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friends of Preston Park

The Friends of Preston Park grew out of the protest movement against the proposal to build Egglescliffe School in the park.  Having stopped that suggestion from the Ingleby Barwick Independents and the Labour MP people rightly wanted to make sure that the park was safe for the future.  Over the last 18 months a small committee has worked to ensure that a constitution was drawn up, that the group became Friends of Preston Park last year, that the Park management consult with and listen to the group and that the Park is treated with the care it needs and deserves.
Over the past year members of that original committee have had to step back for various reasons including needing to spend time on other things in their lives.  This year's AGM needs new people to step forward and take over for the next 12 months.  So this is an appeal to everyone who cares about Preston Park and lives within reach of it.

Come and hear about exciting times ahead for Preston Hall Museum & Park and tell the Friends of Preston Park your ideas, hopes and dreams for the future and how the Friends can help the local community with this jewel in our crown!
As the rejected idea of a school in the Park becomes history, we can look forward with excitement to the reopening this year of the Museum, restored and improved.  The Park has gained a new jetty, a new play area and a newly drained front field and work is under way in restoring the Kitchen Garden.  There’s so much potential!
Please come to Preston-on-Tees Parish Church (All Saints’), 22 Dunottar Avenue, Eaglescliffe, at 7 p.m. on Monday, 23rd April, 2012.  Our visiting speaker will be Nick Smith, Stockton Borough Council’s Development Manager, Museums & Heritage.  The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Preston Park will also be held.

See you there?