Friday, November 19, 2004

More than 80 people came to tonight's meeting at Egglescliffe Primary School, organised by one of the local residents. John Fletcher and I were invited to take along the plans for the latest applications around the village and explain to people how the planning system works in Stockton Borough Council. There were lots of questions about the type of letter to write, and what the officers will take account of. The Parish Council were represented too, and their chairman was able to read out the objections which the council had agreed to put in at last night's meeting. John and I of course had to point out that we hadn't finally made up our minds and were listening to all comments.
At the end several people thanked us for explaining the system. A collection to cover the cost of renting the hall raised a little more than needed so just over £7 went to Children in Need - a good evening all round!

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