Saturday, January 22, 2005

New Year, New Ward

OK so I haven't exactly been posting regularly. But the early days were just trying the software, and no-one knew it was there to read.
The idea of the blog is to have another way to keep the people of Eaglescliffe informed, and to let you tell us what concerns you.
On May 5th there will be elections (again!) for Stockton Borough Council. The ward boundaries are changing right across the Borough. Here, Egglescliffe ward is combining with the "urban" bit of Preston ward, a few houses from Parkfield ward and one from Hartburn to form a new Eaglescliffe ward. The remaining "rural" part of Preston becomes part of the Western Parishes ward.
The 3 current councillors - Mike Cherrett, John Fletcher and yours truly are hoping to be elected to represent Eaglescliffe. Meanwhile, if you want to get in touch our contact details are here.

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