Monday, May 28, 2007

R & R

On Friday Denis and I were invited to join friends in celebrating Suzanne's year as mayor, especially the contribution she'd made to improving relationships with the University and her work with refugees from around the world who've arrived in Stockton. It was a fitting end to the year, especially as we could also celebrate John's election as Deputy Mayor and look forward in hope to his year as Mayor in 2008-9.
On Saturday evening we managed another party, this time to celebrate a friend's birthday. Two in one weekend is some sort of record for us!
The rest of the weekend was spent in catching up on all sorts of jobs which have been on hold for the last 6 weeks or more, and then having a day out in the Yorkshire Dales yesterday to celebrate our wedding anniversary early. Denis is missing the actual day as he's travelling to China on a business trip.
Of course there's no getting away from being a councillor for that length of time, so there was also Focus to finish sorting out, letters to our helpers thanking them for the work they do year in, year out to help us to keep in touch with constituents, planning applications to look at and comment on and several issues to look at before deciding on actions.

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