Monday, August 20, 2007

Catching up

August used to be a quiet time for council work, with very few meetings. Somehow that's changed and everyone seems to try to fit things in before September. Nevertheless, each of us in the Eaglescliffe team has managed to have a holiday away from it all. In my case it was a week in the Peak District, somewhere we hadn't been to for several years.
Back home, decisions need to be made on the spending of our budget for small environmental improvements. One or two of the things we've asked for have been provided from other budgets so we're able to afford to have quite a lot of spring bulbs planted in grass verges around the ward and probably a number of dog waste bins. We're still waiting for information about some more major works which might be achievable.
The music event in Preston Park on Sunday was apparently greatly enjoyed by those who attended, if the local paper can be believed. It was not so enjoyable for the neighbours who felt their houses pounding in time to the music of the DJ sessions and couldn't get the organisers to turn the volume down. It wasn't so pleasant for us, trying in vain to help. We're still trying to ensure that a proper investigation takes place into what went wrong with the organisation and monitoring, especially as there's another event this weekend!

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