Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crunch Time on Email

As many residents of Eaglescliffe know John, Alan and I send out e-updates of news between our Focus leaflet deliveries. I've worked on the council's computer system up to now because that meant that I could forward any queries that arise from them to council officers and keep track of the responses more easily. Late last year my original council laptop finally had to be replaced and ever since then the email list has given me problems. Yesterday I decided enough was enough. Trying to send out an update and getting back more failure notices than I've had hot dinners this year meant drastic action was needed. Consequently the entire list has been transferred to my personal account and future updates will go from there.
If you're a resident of Eaglescliffe ward and want to be kept up to date with such things as road works, planning applications, what's going on at Preston Park and other short notice events just send an email to the address on the left and I'll add you to our list.
If you're not a resident of Eaglescliffe then this is probably the most uninteresting blog entry you've read!

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