Monday, May 18, 2009

Politics Isn't all Bad

Working with other Liberal Democrats in the area campaigning across the Borough to get Fiona Hall re-elected has been a really positive experience this weekend. Despite the dreadful goings on in Westminster many people are prepared to think about the issues that really matter to them, and who is best placed to help resolve them. The Liberal Democrat message that we can do our bit to help the environment, reduce carbon emissions and slow the rate of global warming at the same time as creating new opportunities for jobs and investment gets a positive response across the borough. Fiona has worked very hard to help the Tees Valley access the help that's available to get those jobs. She's been furious when she discovered how much the Labour government has denied the North East and our residents have agreed.
Fiona will continue to work for us if she's re-elected, working from within a strong grouping of Liberal Democrats across Europe, unlike candidates who stand for election to an institution which they are committed to destroying. Where's the sense in that?

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