Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our MP speaks

Usually our MP doesn't have a lot to say that's of any great interest but she's really excelled this time. A letter has gone to many if not all Eaglescliffe residents extolling the virtues of the IBIS idea of building Egglescliffe School in Preston Park. One can only assume that she thinks the votes of Ingleby Barwick residents are more important or useful (or easily bought) than those of Eaglescliffe voters. Either that or it's a cunning ploy to swamp the phone lines and e-mailboxes of the 3 ward councillors with protests!
Either way, Eaglescliffe residents are not impressed.


thribble said...

What?!!?!? That is, without exception, the most ridiculous thing our local MP has done since Tim Devlin stood on the tank. I am astounded that anyone could even think that was a good idea.


Maureen Rigg said...

What a long memory you have;)

The Scrivener said...

This was just part of Dari's rush to suck up to Ingleby Barwick Independent Association. Now they have realised that it's unpopular and the whole world (including the Gazette) blame Dari Taylor.