Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Globe will rock again

Great news that agreement has finally been reached on bringing The Globe back to life.  It's well over a year since we first heard that there was a chance and negotiations have been going on ever since.  I first went to the Globe to see pantomimes as a child when Head Wrightson used to take over the theatre for an afternoon for the families of their employees.  Later I watched big name stars there, as well as widescreen cinema.  Even later it closed and converted into a bingo hall and finally into an empty and sad building.  But now there's the chance of a new life, not just for The Globe but for the whole of that end of the High Street.  If the theatre reopens, along with the development of a bistro next door it'll start a chain reaction at that end of town.
And yet last week we heard councillors claiming that the town centre is dead.  No gentlemen, the phoenix is rising albeit slowly.

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