Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Friends of PrestonPark

The Friends of Preston Park has come a long way since the Protect Preston Park campaign last year.  Tonight's meeting looked at finalising our vision for the Park and Museum before publication.  That's not saying it's set in stone - far from it.  But the hope is that it will give a steer to the kind of developments and events that happen in the park.  The danger that it's a vision held by only a handful of people has been addressed to some extent by asking people to contribute at various events over the last few months.  There'll be another opportunity on Sunday June 19th when there'll be a stall at Yarm Gala.  If you haven't had your say yet on what you think the Park should offer please do go along and leave your thoughts there.  So far there's lots about play, railway heritage, the river, telling the story of the town and particularly the Eaglescliffe area, improving the cafe and the shop.  If you can't get along to the stall and just want to email me with your thoughts, do so. I'll pass them on.

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