Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Around and About the Ward

Alan and I spent the morning walking round the areas of what used to be council housing in the days when such a thing existed in Stockton.  Doing it with a Tristar officer, the PCSO and some Stockton Council officers means that even when a problem is spotted that doesn't relate directly to a Tristar property we have people with us who can do something about it.  So pavement parking, a couple of trip hazards, some weeds needing treatment, litter, all noted and will be sorted out.  It was also a chance to catch up with officers on a couple of projects waiting for action, like Leven Close play area.  And of course for a little chat with some of the residents who popped out to speak to us.
This afternoon was spent consulting with the residents around Marion Avenue, Elton Lane, Aspen and Rowan Rd about the speeding cars, the short cut to Butterfield Drive and the safety of  school children and other vulnerable road users.  We now have two possible ways forward and will ask Stockton Council's engineers for their professional opinions of both before taking them back to our Community Participation Budget group to decide whether we can have the money for implementation of the best one.  It's been a long process but we hope will produce a good result in the end.
Walking back from there we took the chance to talk to the young people about the lack of provision for wheeled sport activity in the ward and what they'd like to see.  Again, some good suggestions and we'll move forward with them now.

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