Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are We Nearly There Yet?

This was the title of Durham Lane Primary's Christmas production.  Unashamedly celebrating the Christian festival, it also allowed children from 5 to 11 to show off their musical talents, their confidence in front of an audience, and their self discipline.  I don't know which child the man near me was waving to so energetically but well done to the child for not being distracted.
The story of the journey to Bethlehem was told in words and music with great enthusiasm but also with skill.
The Oakwood Centre again provided a super venue - the big screens and the video cameras enabled every child to have their moment of stardom, the seats are adult sized and comfortable, and the acoustics mean that children don't have to shout.  Plenty of car parking is the icing on the cake!
As always, Durham Lane school took the opportunity to raise some funds for Daisy Chain, a local charity which helps families cope with Autism and has special links with the school.  They showed a very moving video of two mums talking about the difference Daisy Chain made to their families.  I hope the collection at the end was generous.

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