Sunday, May 20, 2012

Orchard Shops

Following yesterday's devastating fire the latest news is:
1. Sainsbury's is being cleaned of smoke damage, all food etc has been removed and the shop will be restocked for opening on Tuesday all being well
2. Egglescliffe Community Centre has escaped with just loss of power.  They hope to get power back some time tomorrow and to open for normal service on Tuesday.
3. The pharmacy has been cleared of all controlled substances and sensitive paperwork.  The chemist hopes to start a prescription collection service from other premises soon.
4. Lib Dem and Conservative councillors are working together with the local MP to help get things sorted out for our community.  If we find that there is any way in which the community can help we will be calling for help.  Meanwhile we are keeping people informed by e-mails to our mailing lists.  If you know of anyone who'd like to receive those emails just get in touch via the contact e-mail on the left of the page.
5.  Until structural engineers, insurance assessors etc have done their work no plans can be made for the future of the damaged buildings.  Many rumours have been circulating but no decisions have been taken

Meanwhile, the parish council's jubilee celebrations will go ahead as planned on the grass and in the community centre.  I hope everyone will turn out and enjoy the Saturday festivities, then join in Sunday at the Green and Monday on Memorial Garden - make it a weekend to remember pleasurably, unlike this one!


Anonymous said...

Great news that sainsburys will be back to business tomorrow, but as everyone else does, I hope the rest of the shops will be saved to the best of ability! Aslong as the shops are replaced some way or another, we will be happy :) what we don't want is for them to be with housing, no way! Keep us updated Maureen! SAVE ORCHARD SHOPS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Replaced with housing***

Anonymous said...

Would be good to have something like the protect preston park protest thing for the shops! Really think it would work! We need these shops, especially older people who can't get about aswell as others, we really do rely on them!