Sunday, August 19, 2012

Light Relief

As part of the regeneration of Stockton's riverside area new lighting was installed last month along the section between the millenium bridge and the Princess Diana bridge.  Last night was the first opportunity I'd had to go and see the lights in action.  Red, white and blue  chased along the river bank and over the bridge, changing to gold in honour of Kat Copeland, the borough's very own gold medal winner.  Yes, she lives in Stokesley now, but she went to school in the borough, trained in the borough and still has many connections here.  She is probably typical of gold medal winners - absolutely dedicated to her sport and willing to go without many of the pleasures which others take for granted so that she's fit and able to perform at that high level.  I can only look on and admire from afar - I don't have that degree of determination and dedication!  Her welcome back to Stockton was greeted by several hundred guests and members of the public who braved shocking weather to cheer her.  She responded by coming down into the crowd and having her photo taken with anyone who wanted it - real devotion to the people of the borough.

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