Sunday, September 23, 2012

Conference roundup

This morning saw an unusual event for Lib Dems at the moment - a public Thank You!  Over two years ago Lib Dems committed to do our very best to stop the iniquitous practice of locking up children in detention centres like Yarls Wood which are just like prisons, when their only "crime" was to have parents whose application for asylum here had not succeeded.  The pledge was made in response to a very brave campaign by people who didn't have the advantages and privileges of  the parliamentary candidates who were being asked to support them.  This year, thanks to a huge amount of work by Sarah Teather and her in government and Citizens UK outside of government, there are no children in that kind of detention.  The new family detention centre gives them humane surroundings while all the necessary proceedings go on above their heads.  Today, Citzens UK came to say thank you.  But they also told the very moving story of the campaign and reminded us that although that campaign is over there are other problems yet to be resolved with regard to asylum seekers and immigration controls.  The next steps will be just as challenging if not more so.
At the other end of the day was a challenging debate on the UK power infrastructure - the need for renewal, the opportunities that brings but also the challenges.  With speakers from CPRE, the National Grid and the Distribution network as well as Ed Davey it proved to be interesting, challenging and hopeful.  It was one of those debates which could have gone on a lot longer if only the main protaganists hadn't had other appointments and the room hadn't been needed for another meeting.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that a few children of asylum seekers are being looked after, meanwhile the economy is tanking, the NHS being run down and prepared for privatisation, and British kids are being pushed into poverty or landed with massive debt at university.
two and a half years and Lib Dems will be a footnote in political history, I'm embarrased that I was stupid enough to vote for you.

Maureen Rigg said...

I'm afraid I can't agree with you that the NHS is being privatised. Nor do the GPs who are busy reorganising.
I still have the same Liberal Democrat principles I had two years ago and indeed more than forty-two years ago. They haven't changed in me and nor have they changed in the party.

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still have the same Liberal Democrat principles I had two years ago and indeed more than forty-two years ago.
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