Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas is drawing near now, as we're reminded every time we turn on a TV or go past a shop window.  For the past 4 days there has been the Christmas market in Stockton centre with music to listen to and all manner of goods to buy - everything from a cup of hot soup to an exquisitely crafted cushion or carefully made holly wreath.  As dusk fell the lights gave an almost magical appearance to the chalet stalls.
Icy Polar Bear
Meanwhile, over in the town centre a variety of activities drew crowds for a few minutes or longer - dramatic acts, ice carving, music groups.  And of course on Saturday the traditional market provided the range of goods it always does.  I must admit that at this time of year I feel a sense of nostalgia for the hiss and smell of paraffin lamps on the stalls and the first appearance of exotic fruit like tangerines - how times change.
This afternoon we made our annual Christmas Tree buying excursion, and came away from the local farm with a splendid specimen that's now standing in our back garden until Christmas Eve when it'll be dressed in all its finery ready for the big day.
In Yarm the tree lights were lit, with carols and prayers reminding people that Christmas isn't all about spending money - a timely and necessary reminder.
In Egglescliffe there will be a Christmas Tree with lights outside the Parish Hall, thanks to hard work by members of the Egglescliffe Area Residents Association and the Egglescliffe Parish Hall committee.  Tuesday evening at 6.30pm is the time to be there and join in a few carols round the tree.  The weather forecast isn't too bad so fingers crossed for a good turnout.

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