Monday, January 21, 2013

Teesside Air Show to restart?

A group of enthusiasts is trying to resurrect the air show which used to delight thousands of visitors when I first lived in Eaglescliffe, and annoy those who didn't enjoy it.  The noise of low-flying aircraft, the train being full of people heading to the airport rather than to Darlington or Middlesbrough (yes, the train did stop at the airport several times a day!), the cars parked on the A67 verges with people more interested in their binoculars or picnic than in the traffic trying to drive along the road - these all irritated some.  But thousands enjoyed the spectacle and some would like to restart it.
If you're interested there's an appeal for help in today's Northern Echo.
As the wintry weather continues remember that Stockton Council's updates on gritting, road problems, school closures etc are on Facebook and Twitter

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