Friday, July 19, 2013

Yarm Parking Proposals

This morning I sent in my objection to the Yarm Pay & Display proposals from Stockton Council, concentrating on the impact on Eaglescliffe.  I leave the consideration of the impact on Yarm to those who represent that ward.
My objection is given below:
I wish to register my objection to the scheme proposed for Yarm High Street on the following grounds:
The research done prior to drawing up the scheme has a fundamental flaw in that it did not look into the current pattern of use of the existing spaces. As a result any estimate of the impact of charging can only be a guess. There is no estimate of the potential impact on the surrounding areas such as Egglescliffe Village, Butts Lane, St Margaret's estate, South View and The Crescent in Eaglescliffe ward which I represent. These areas already suffer some displaced parking owing to there being insufficient long stay parking in Yarm centre.
There is no confirmed provision of extra Long Stay parking in this scheme yet the current Long Stay provision on Yarm High Street would be removed, making it very likely that this would be displaced into Eaglescliffe ward areas detailed above as well as areas south of Yarm High St.

Although residents of parts of Eaglescliffe were included in the original leaflet consultation some years ago there has been no further consultation with the residents of the areas most likely to suffer from the charges, nor any consultation with the ward councillors other than that which has applied to all SBC councillors.   

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