Monday, July 09, 2007

Climate Change and other things

Yesterday I had a completely new experience - a visit to Durham county cricket ground, The Riverside. Fabulous building, great facilities, shame about the signage. Tomtom, the faithful GPS, took me to the spot but the gate led to a David Lloyd fitness club. Strange thought I. The signs on the road led to parking further up the road, labelled Delegates. Helpful thought I, I'm a delegate so that's for me. I duly paid the parking fee and tried to find my way into the ground. Five minutes later, in the company of other increasingly frustrated people, we discovered that the gate to David Lloyd was in fact the gate to the ground as well (and to lots of other things). We then had the challenge of finding the Riverside Suite. Spotted Reception so headed there (other end of the building) only to be told "back the way you've come. It's in Tower 3". By the time we'd reached the correct door and correct floor there was a procession of about 20 of us!
Never, mind - once there the meeting was well worth it. The Local Government Association had invited people from all the local authorities in the North East to discuss what could and should be done about climate change - mitigation measures to reduce the change and adaptations to cope with the changes already upon us or inevitable in the next few years. It was stimulating and worthwhile so I hope we can put at least some of the ideas into practice in the very near future.
Once that finished I was on my way back down the motorway to my next meeting - getting towards the final touches on the Play strategy for the Borough and the bid to the Big Lottery fund based on it.
Then a very quick visit to my mother before my next meeting - the regular pre-council group meeting to decide on what needs to be questioned or contested at the council meeting on Wednesday.

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