Friday, July 20, 2007

What a Result!

Congratulations to Greg Stone, Liberal Democrat candidate in Sedgefield. He slashed the labour majority and pushed the Tories into 3rd place. The figures can be seen on the Stockton Liberal Democrats website.
Today I go to the 4th consultation this week on the draft Sustainable Community Strategy for Stockton. This will set out the vision of how Stockton should be in 2021 - a bold ambition and one we need to get right if we're to develop in the way people want. Today's event is a joint one with members of the community network and area boards so I'm taking one of our young members along to do her first in depth work as a representative on the Western Area Board.
If you want to read it and comment by the end of the month there's a chance on the website - both the document and the feedback form are linked at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, plans for spending our Small Environmental Improvements Budget are speeding up with a request for some extra planting at the Greenfield Drive/Durham Lane junction to improve the appearance at that end of the ward. Any suggestions for the Preston area would be welcomed - no-one from that area has responded to the appeal in Focus. This budget covers not just planting but odd extra streetlights, parking bays, verge repairs and other similar things.

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