Monday, September 10, 2007

Phone Problems

If anyone is trying to leave me a phone message on my council number I'm sorry to say it won't reach me at present. When I tried to log on to the council laptop this morning it wouldn't connect through despite the modem having all the right lights on it. So I decided to ring the IT Helpdesk, only to find that the phone didn't work either - dead as a dodo seems an appropriate expression. An e-mail via Web Outlook brought a call from one of the helpdesk staff who promised to ask BT to check the line, but there's been no result and no further contact. The computer problem isn't too difficult to overcome with the aid of the Blackberry, Web Outlook and visits to Municipal Buildings but the lack of the phone means that I've no idea whether residents are trying to contact me. Technology's wonderful when it works but when it doesn't it's rubbish!
I just hope it's not our fault that it's gone and disappeared - yesterday afternoon we were continuing the preparation of the living room before the new wooden floor is installed in a fortnight. Part of this involved removing some extraneous cables which didn't seem to be fulfilling a useful purpose. We did keep checking the phones to make sure they still worked but it's still a niggling worry until BT respond.
I just hope the floor is worth the effort after all this.

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