Monday, September 10, 2007

Sustainable Energy

Preston Park hosted a small but extremely useful exhibition yesterday - The Sustainable Energy Roadshow. I was determined to fit in a visit, even though lots of work needed doing at home. I'm keen to see if we can install solar thermal heating in the house and want to have the information in plenty of time before our current combination boiler gives up. I was told that I should only expect 7 years from it, so the 10 that it's already given is quite superb. I had discussions with a number of suppliers and with the man from the Energy Saving Trust which supplies impartial advice. Much more research needed now, as there are special problems associated with dormer bungalows not having as much roof area as other houses nor as much loft space!
Sadly, in walking to and from church in the morning and to and from the Park in the afternoon I saw more evidence of vandalism to bus shelters than I've seen in a long time. They've been reported now and the glass will be cleared and the shelters repaired, but it's infuriating that some people find their pleasure in wrecking things. Broken glass is dangerous, even when it's the safer variety used in such shelters. I felt for cyclists trying to negotiate between scattered glass and the 4+ wheeled vehicles on the road. Even the pavement wasn't free of glass but at least pedestrians didn't also have cars and lorries to contend with.

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