Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mothering Sunday

Is it really the 4th Sunday of Lent already? It's no time since Christmas, or so it seems. Yet 3 weeks today is Easter. Mothering Sunday is a great tradition, largely lost in the commercial world of Mother's Day, but still lurking in the background and giving a base to that modern version. Children may not trek home to see mother from wherever work has taken them but they still keep in touch. So I have a card and flowers to remind me that my children still care, despite being far away. And I had the opportunity to have lunch with my mother and mother-in-law, something which doesn't happen often. I relish these moments, knowing that there probably won't be many more years of this privelege.
Today's treat had to wait until I'd done the Fairtrade stall at church, but that's no great hardship when there are willing helpers and people really want to buy Fairtrade things, talk about what difference it's making to producers, and enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat. We hung bunting round the railings outside to encourage people to pop in. We then had an interesting job getting it down as the wind had impaled some of it on the top of the railing! I was told while doing it that people had heard the event tomorrow mentioned on local radio this morning, so that was a huge relief. Also, they got the producer right so the correction sent on Friday had got through.
Later today I heard that the West Coast mainline has been closed so I hope Juan and Janna have succeeded in moving around the North West as they needed to.


Manfarang said...

Being the 4th Sunday in Lent means for those living abroad the date can pass by unnoticed.Here in Thailand,Mother's Day is on the
12th August-the Queens Birthday.
I managed to find a nice handmade blank card and was able to get to the post office and send it in time.

thribble said...

It's even different in Australia, which you would think would have more similarities, having basically come from the english. Mother's day is some other time. I'm not sure when, as I don't have to worry about it second time around!