Thursday, June 19, 2008


A complete waste of time was my reaction to the morning's event. I went to a workshop which I'd been led to expect would be useful in my role as Chair of Western Area Board. Unfortunately this was one of those rare occasions when I found absolutely no value at all in the session. In fact I don't think I've ever been to something where I've come away feeling quite so cross about wasting time. To add insult to injury, the lunch which was on offer consisted of sandwiches and chips! That's twice in three days that I've had that sort of offer. So much for healthy eating. So I left and went home to make a salad!
A visit to an elderly relative in hospital showed up some of the poor communications that are all too prevalent there. The doctor had said "you can go home" so the patient had packed her bag and was expecting me to take her home. What hadn't been said to her was that a number of other things needed to happen first including work by other staff than doctors to make sure her return was safe, comfortable and with the right medication. You can imagine how upset we all were at that muddle. Just a bit of thought and careful choice of words would have made such a difference.
The bright note of the day came in a pre-meeting for the Environment committee meeting next week. It looks possible now that we'll complete our work on Customer First comfortably by September and be able to start on something with a bit more relevance to our residents. Hooray!

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