Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who can help?

I haven't commented on the Mugabe/Zimbabwe situation this week, mainly because words failed me. But reading this morning's newspaper I just felt so sick, physically ill, at what's going on there. I'm not qualified to say whether Mugabe is mentally ill or something else but what he and his henchmen are causing to happen in that country should be cause for shame to all around who might be able to help and don't. Diplomats and Politicians in power around the world surely must be able to do more than our esteemed Foreign Secretary this week (Comment on the illegal treatment of UK and US diplomats this week: This gives us a window into the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans). Where are the powerful who have the courage to stand up to Mugabe? The words of Christ seem quite apt here: Whatever you do to the least of my little ones, you do to me. The efforts of ordinary people in Zimbabwe to have a free and fair election are being battered and beaten out of existence and the so-called democratic governments that could surely band together and make a difference turn a blind eye. God help us all.

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