Monday, November 24, 2008

Fair Taxes

The much leaked Pre Budget Report that was really a budget finally happened. Here was an opportunity to really sort out some of the country's finances and put things on a fairer footing for the future. So what does Labour do? Reduces the top rate of VAT for 13 months and gives out a few pounds here and there, coupled with a warning that in a year or two most people earning a living wage will have to pay more tax on a number of fronts to recoup the money.
And what does the VAT reduction do? Does it reduce the fuel bills for those heading into fuel poverty? No, because heating and lighting energy is only subject to 5% VAT anyway. Does it reduce the weekly grocery bill? Not likely as basic food is zero rated. Does it reduce the cost of clothing your rapidly growing children? No chance - their clothes are zero rated now. So who does it help?
Well, if you were thinking of importing a Porsche to drive sedately round Eaglescliffe you'll now get it cheaper. If you are planning on buying that nice new TV for Christmas it will be a bit cheaper. If you eat out at restaurants or eat in on take-aways, they'll go down a bit.
Real help? Fair taxes? Not on your life - this is a Labour government remember.

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