Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm coming to terms, but slowly, with the awful news from Mumbai. Having spent time in the city in the 90s when my husband was working there, the places are all too familiar. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like for those who have family and close friends there. Fortunately our friends in India don't live in or near Mumbai so we don't have that immediate worry. But to see the hotel where we celebrated our silver wedding battered and burning, to see the cafe where we enjoyed freshly made mango juice with a flavour like no other - it's too much. Why? What makes young men in the prime of their lives plan and carry out such devastation? Until someone can explain to us we can't combat it. I don't know which wise person said "Know thine enemy", but s/he was so right. No amount of expenditure on arms or police or ID cards will stop the violence until we understand the cause and can tackle that.
The weather here this morning was grey and damp and not nearly as nice as yesterday, though probably no colder. As I hadn't done my veg shopping yesterday I decided that the Christmas market was worth a second visit. I'm so glad I did. Stall holders were keen to tell me how busy they'd been and that they have ideas to make it better next year. It did make shopping a lengthy expedition but it was worth it. And I came away with a lovely ready made Advent wreath instead of coming home to gather damp greenery and start work on one myself - cheating but in a good cause.
By the way, I was right yesterday - the fun fair was very busy. In fact I had to thread my way through the queue for the big wheel.

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