Monday, January 05, 2009

What a start!

The first call of the new year from a constituent came this afternoon. Obviously some local dog owners didn't make it their New Year Resolution to clean up after their dogs. This resident told me that he's put up his own notices near the pile of dog dirt on the path between Hazel Slade and Brae Head, but still the piles appear and grow. Do these people ever stop to think about the school children using this "safe" traffic-free route home from the primary school? Or the older students travelling in the other direction from the Comp? Why should they have to look down at where their feet are going - time enough for that when they're old and need to be wary of trip hazards.
So please, dog walkers, pick up after your animal. And if you see a pile of dog dirt, please report it to Care for Your Area (391959) and let's keep Eaglescliffe clean in 2009. Meanwhile, I've asked for some extra patrols by the enforcement officers in the area. Dog dirt isn't only unsightly and a health hazard, though that's bad enough, it's also an offence punishable by a fine.

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