Friday, May 07, 2010

The morning after

Redcar has a Lib Dem MP. Why isn't this front page news on the BBC and the Lib Dem website??? A swing of 25% to the Lib Dems from Labour should be shouted from the house tops, especially on a night that's brought so many disappointments elsewhere.
Stockton North has the expected Labour MP, Alex Cunningham. Frank Cook's efforts to show that his huge majority was a personal vote failed disastrously.
Philip Latham came a decent third but there was a sizeable swing to the Conservatives and that will make for more interest next time around perhaps.
Stockton South went to a recount before being decided in favour of James Wharton, local Tory boy. I'm fairly confident that he'll continue to work the constituency because he needs to increase that majority next time, but I'm also quite confident that he's a career politician who won't do anything to rock his Parliamentary boat.
Sadly, the huge impetus towards the Lib Dems didn't continue into the ballot box. People believed the rubbish about a Lib Dem vote being a wasted vote. Roll on electoral reform.

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