Sunday, May 02, 2010

Nick Clegg in Redcar

A break in campaigning this evening to go to Redcar and join one of Nick Clegg's Town Hall meetings. The audience of 200 was a mix of Lib Dem members & supporters, members of the public and people invited through an opinion poll company to try to ensure a good variety of people. It was good to see some young people from Yarm School there, still seeking answers to questions in order to help them choose where to put their cross on Thursday. The questions ranged from immigration to defence to Corus workers to education, the NHS, and there'd have been lots more if time had allowed.
An interesting hour and a chance for many people who've not seen the leader of a major party up close. More of this kind of meeting would give more people the opportunity I had as a teenager to listen to policies being proposed and make up my own mind with out the filter of press coverage.

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