Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spent an awful lot of today in queues - at the post office, in the supermarket where the most inefficient system imaginable proved that every little didn't help at all, and in the traffic to get home. All told, jobs that usually take less than an hour and a half and leave plenty of time to spend with the people for whom the jobs are being done, today took almost 3 hours in total. Good job I'm British and know how to queue peacefully!
More election literature from other parties dropped through the letterbox. It's always interesting to see what they're saying;)
The third of the leader debates is over and the Com Res poll results make for interesting reading. Cameron and Clegg almost neck and neck with Brown trailing behind. Sadly, I had to explain yet again to several people today that the voting system we have here is so unfair that we could still end up with a Labour majority in Parliament even when well over half the country doesn't want it.
Bring on Fair voting - the only losers will be the MPs who sit in "safe" seats at present ignoring their electorate. The winners will be several million people who'll have a real representative at last.

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