Sunday, April 25, 2010

One short walk today and I could look at two recent improvements in the ward. Egglescliffe & Eaglescliffe council's effort on the play area at St Margaret's is nearing completion. The play equipment is pretty well installed and the infrastructure almost complete. I'm really looking forward to seeing the children and young people playing on it.
The small wooden equipment still needs moving from the corner so that we can plant the trees there to shield the housing from some of the play area. We also need to be sure that the paths and the grass mat are laid properly. Another month and we should be able to enjoy the official opening.
A little nearer home I went to look at some of the new signs on the Teesdale Way. For a long time the signposting through the housing estate has been less than brilliant, but now there are nice green footpath signs showing the way. I noticed also that the giant hogweed warning signs have gone up - one of the less pleasant indications that the seasons are changing. The sign shows how much the river is meandering at this stage in its path to the sea. Walking through the estate, Yarm is only about a mile but follow the river and it's more than twice as far. Much more scenic, though!
A link to an amusing video to relax with was sent by my daughter. Enjoy!

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