Monday, April 12, 2010

Fair Taxes

By a happy coincidence this morning the sun shone on Yarm, Stockton Lib Dems went out to talk about Fair Taxes there while Vince Cable and Nick Clegg launched the policy in a press conference. We'd have happily shared the sunshine with them!
Jacquie Bell was interviewed by local radio for their constituency profile and then we got on with sharing the good news of our policy. It certainly had a good reception but there were other policies which people wanted to discuss. What were we going to do about stabilising the energy supply in a sustainable way in this country? What are our views on Preston Park and the school controversy? (much easier to answer that one simply - we need a new school building in Eaglescliffe and we need more school places easily accessible for the young people of Ingleby Barwick.) What are we going to do for pensioners? And so on. All good points to discuss and there was a sense that some people at least in this election are going to vote after listening to policies and deciding between them.

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