Friday, April 23, 2010

St George & the Dragon

Interesting to see the number of St George's flags flying proudly from houses, cars and wheelchairs today. I love our history and heritage and want people to know about and celebrate the good while knowing about and learning from the bad in the past. St George of course is nothing to do with England other than being our patron saint, but the story of one man against a fire breathing dragon is a good rip-roaring tale and maybe an allegory for some of our present activities.
We heard today of the desperate phone calls being made to some residents in Stockton South by our MP, telling them that voting Lib Dem is a wasted vote and will let the Tories in. Does she really think that people want 5 more years of Labour? We can't afford Tory rule but we certainly don't want Labour. Vote Lib Dem and get Lib Dem is my message. More people seem to want Vince Cable as chancellor than anyone else - there's only one way to get that!

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