Monday, January 24, 2011

Cycle route to Egglescliffe Comp (and Tesco)

There's a proposal to improve the cycle route to the school from Newsam Road.  The idea is to take out the steps which lead from the footpath/cycleway down to Aspen Rd and convert them into a slope, and then to add some safety features at Elton Lane and at the entrance to the school.  The plans are on Stockton Lib Dems website if you'd like to look.  We need comments by Thursday Feb 3rd please.
There might be some concerns about having a slope down to Aspen Road, especially in icy weather, but we have in the past had requests for such a slope to make it easier to get to Tesco on mobility scooters and with prams and wheelchairs.  Let us know what you think.

Today's Environment committee received an update on Cemetery and Memorial inspections and it was good to see that people with loved ones buried in Egglescliffe Cemetery are generally keeping to the rules.  As a lawned cemetery it isn't designed to have a large area of planting or other memorials for each grave, but to have a headstone (if wished) and a small area for planting, vases or other such tributes.  Over 80% of the graves in Egglescliffe stay within the rules with the remainder having just a few things outside the designated area.  When the committee studied the policies and visited cemeteries here and further afield one of the complaints from people was that if other people had too much planting or other material on their grave it was difficult for other people to tend the graves next to them.  It's also difficult for the grass cutters to keep the place looking as tidy as we would like.  A very difficult and emotive subject but one we do need to be able to discuss openly.

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