Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's on the moral high ground then?

There seems to be a somewhat strange idea in David Cameron's mind as to what constitutes transparency, fairness and honesty in government.  Vince Cable has responsibility for deciding on the Murdoch bid for BSkyB taken from him because he expressed open hostility to the takeover.  David Cameron wines and dines senior figures from the Murdoch empire but claims to be completely impartial in decisions around not just the takeover but whether to push for a better investigation of all the phone tapping allegations which are filling the air between public figures and the Murdoch empire.
I for one would rather the decision was taken by someone who is open about his views than someone who tries to hide behind the excuse that these senior figures are constituents.  Believe me, Mr Cameron, most constituents don't expect to be invited to parties at their MP's home. 
One cross-party initiative that really would help this country would be for all politicians to ignore the comments from the press for a year.  If the sky falls in, then go back to pacifying the press barons.  If it doesn't - whoopee.  We might have a more open, transparent way of doing government for the future.

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