Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Best Thing to have happened to the country!

That's what was said to me on the doorstep today, by a resident describing the coalition.  This isn't a Lib Dem voter, but someone who could see the mess the country was left in by Labour and the need to reduce our deficit drastically.  A deficit that's so huge the numbers become meaningless.  The debt this country has incurred because we've lived beyond our income for so long means that we're paying out £400 for every £300 we bring in.  That can't go on, but it's not going to be at all easy to put it right.  Just to bring the numbers down to some kind of meaningful level - the interest we're paying on our debts would build one new primary school per hour this year!  What a cruel hoax to play on the country, Mr Brown, to tell people that you're being prudent with our money while all the time you were racking up this unimaginable debt.


Anonymous said...

Funny you lot were saying the opposite before the election, your liars and will pay for it come the local elections

Anonymous said...

Whilst I do not disagree with your sentiments, I have to condem (see what I did there) your poor grammar. Its you're not your. Perhaps you are a victim of Labour funded education.

Resident said...

Maureen, the debt of this country is lower than Japan, Germany, France and the USA as a % of GDP.
If the plan put forward by Labour had been put through by 2017 (when we would cease to borrow money) our debt would still be lower than all these countries.
The Govt believes we should cut the deficit in 4 years, Labour believes 7.
Before the banking crisis (when extraordinary measures had to be taken to prevent the collapse of the banks) the debt was lower than it was in 1997.
The biggest reason for the deficit is not increases in spending but fall in revenues, less tax being paid due to companies being less profitable and fewer people being in work.
The deficit before 2008 was simply to pay for new hospitals and schools which over the long-term would save money. The deficit after 2008 was due to unemployment, lower revenues and also paying for the banks.
Please refrain from confused 1997-2008 and 2008-2010, the periods were very different.