Friday, June 10, 2011

Eagle Service Station

The decision of the Licensing sub-committee finally came out yesterday - no real surprise to anyone.  The committee decided to award the licence, but on condition that the owners can show after a year of operation that it really is primarily a convenience store rather than a petrol station.  There's a strangely quirky bit of English law which says that a fuel station can't sell alcohol but a shop selling alcohol can also sell petrol.  In the case of the Eagle Service Station the new owners could demonstrate the fuel sales for the last few months in which there were any, by getting the figures from Esso, but couldn't demonstrate the sales of other goods so they have been allowed to use average figures from other "similar" shops in other parts of the country which show that most revenue will come from the convenience store sales.
I suppose the answer, as one resident said, is for all the objectors to buy their fuel there but not use the convenience store.  If the fuel sales outweigh the other sales after a year the licence will have to be revoked!

Meanwhile, if the shop does reopen and starts to sell alcohol ward councillors will work with the police and others to keep anti-social behaviour to a minimum.
There will be CCTV on the premises but we are working to have some extra surveillance further away from the building to try to remove the possibility of legal sales to adults being passed on to under age drinkers off the premises.  There's no reason why a perfectly respectable residential area should suffer from an inappropriate development whether it's housing, licensing or anything else.


Anonymous said...

That shop was always a rip off. Most things didn't have prices on and they made it up.

Anonymous said...

i think the new owner is opening tomorrow saturday. Ive got to say, theres been loads of stock going in and looks like a really nice shop. its going to make a difference having a well stocked shop on our doorstep. Noticed lots of cctv going in the other day, so maybe the new owner could have taken heed of mine and other local residents concerns. the sign thats just gone up says Nisa Local and thats the same as the one in Oxbridge, which is always clean and well stocked. Fingers crossed !!

London Removal said...

That looks very strange from eagle service station. Its a matter of customer satisfaction. If someone is getting good products from that station then he will definitely never try other station.