Monday, June 20, 2011

More road safety improvements coming

The Western Area Transport Strategy steering group meeting is always interesting and always worth attending.  People from across Yarm and Eaglescliffe gather together with police and traffic engineers to decide on spending money to improve sustainable travel opportunities in the area.
Most of the projects this year are in Yarm ward, though a trial weight restriction on part of Durham Lane should reduce the HGV traffic through Eaglescliffe and Yarm while the school zone work round The Links school is designed to encourage children and their parents to choose walking to school as a safe and pleasant alternative to the car.  Let's hope it works.

Earlier in the day the new Environment committee agreed the scope of its review of the Care for Your Area service.  This is probably the best known part of the council, responsible for keeping the roads and pavements clean, the bins emptied, the recycling collected, the flower beds planted, the grass cut and so on.  How to save money on those services without having an impact on the overall cleanliness of the borough is going to tax minds over the coming weeks.  In the new political climate at Stockton the chair and vice-chair of the committee are Labour members, as is the Cabinet member so it'll be interesting to see how that works out.


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