Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NHS changes

So, after all the leaks the report is published and we have statements from party leaders about what the changes to the bill will mean.  Predictably the Labour party, having said that the government needed to think again now says that it's a sign of weakness that they have thought again!  If that's the best they can do heaven help us.
Yes, the government has changed its mind on some of the changes.  It did that after an outcry from the public and from the Liberal Democrats who are fortunate to have in our membership some very thoughtful medical professionals who not only spotted the problems but could see a possible solution and put it to our party conference in March.  In order to do that they had to convince many other people they were right, and once it was put to the conference they had to convince hundreds of delegates to vote for it.  No wonder that Nick Clegg and the team could go back to parliament with confidence and insist on a pause for thought.  And no wonder that David Cameron seized the opportunity provided to him to do just that.
So now there's a better bill, probably still not perfect, but better.  And now there's the opportunity for proper parliamentary debate on something that is worth debating.
Let's hope that the end result is worthwhile too.

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Anonymous said...

Why did Liberal Democrats support the bill in the first place? All along there have been warnings that it was a bad bill but your party ignored them for months. If you had said from the beginning that the bill was bad I would give you credit.
To try and take any credit at this stage is dreadful, you were wrong and only changed tack when it became obvious that no-one was in support of your bill.

The NHS has started toimplement many of the changes, only to be told to pause whilst there is a rethink. Many PCT staff have left their jobs and there is a vacuum at the heart of management at the very time that massive savings have to be made.
The effects o this bungled policy will be felt for years to come, so rather than trumpeting a Lib Dem success I think you should be apologising for the mess you helped cause.