Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Amberley Way and Allen's West

Spent the morning in discussions about play areas.  First of all a site visit to Amberley Way with the artist who worked with the children of Durham Lane School on designing a play sculpture - the right wood has finally been sourced and the orientation was finally decided on today.  Now everything can be ordered and work can start when the workforce are ready.  Plans are being drawn up to involve the school children in the publicity for the start of the work.
Then a discussion about the provision of play areas at Allen's West if the new development goes ahead.  The developer is suggesting several small play spaces, no bigger than what we have at Leven Close and equally close to housing.  So far there seems to be nothing in their indicative outline for older children to enjoy without causing real problems for the people living in the nearby houses.  Fortunately the Stockton Council officers concerned seemed to be on the same wavelength as the Parish Councillors - no scrappy bits of leftover land, but properly thought out and designed facilities for the hundreds of children and young people who will eventually live on that site.  Whether the developer takes any notice and whether our planning officers make him remains to be seen.

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