Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another step along the Fairtrade road

I was invited this afternoon to attend a meeting of the school council at Ingleby Mill Primary School.  Unfortunately I was held up and arrived a little late so I missed the presentation done by the Yr 6 councillors to the others.  Apparently I missed a treat, but I was in  time to witness the children completing the school audit - where they are along the road to becoming  a Fairtrade school.  It's wonderful when the children start to make links to other subjects and think of things which the staff have forgotten about.
The most exciting part of the meeting was the draft action plan.  An outline drawn up by a couple of teachers was soon being questioned and fleshed out by the children.  I've a feeling that I'm going to be taking part in a sponsored walk on leap year day!  The theme of the coming 12 months in the world of Fairtrade is going to be Steps - taking steps, big ones, small ones, leaps, jumps, any kind of step to increase awareness of Fairtrade and to spread the word.  There were some mental leaps going on this afternoon, from pancakes with Fairtrade chocolate to sponsored walks, to biking to school and having a Fairtrade breakfast on arrival. 
But first of all they have to attend a governors' meeting and explain to them why it's important to become a Fairtrade school.  If any pupils can do it they can, I'm sure.  They're even going to have a go at persuading the cook to use some Fairtrade goods in school meals and their uniform supplier to use some Fairtrade cotton in their uniform. 
It was inspiring, exciting and humbling - what wonderful children.

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