Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Beacon is Lit

When Egglescliffe & Eaglescliffe council decided to have a jubilee beacon and organise a little party round the lighting of it we didn't know that there would be 2 more within walking distance.  When it became obvious that there would be one in Yarm with much more elaborate celebrations round it and one in Preston Park with lots of activities for families leading up to it I began to doubt whether many people would turn up to ours.  How wrong could I be - the grass of Memorial Garden was packed, people were standing round the memorial to get a better view, up on the church yard and along the path.  Hot dogs disappeared as fast as they could be prepared.  The hot chocolate was a huge hit, though cold drinks were less popular (could have been something to do with the air temperature).  50s music played out from the "ghetto blaster".

Egglescliffe Beacon on tower of floodlit church

A few moments before 10:15 the music went off and the countdown began.  Up on the church tower the wardens were listening and watching so that the beacon flared into life at exactly the right moment.  Cheers and applause gave way to singing of the National Anthem with great gusto and then more cheers, applause, flag waving and a joyful playing of the church carillon.  Soon we could see another beacon, probably towards Leyburn, flaring up on the horizon.

As the bells subsided the fireworks display organised by Yarm Town Council started up and we were treated to a spectacular display from a little further along the river bank.  Thank goodness I'd been at the garden earlier in the day when the company arrived to set up the display or we'd have had it right beside where we were standing, with all the attendant health and safety problems of smoke and debris.  Luckily I could point out the problem to the company and they arranged an alternative site.

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