Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarm School plans consultation

We now have the official invitation to the community consultation on the plans for Yarm School's latest development.
The plans consist of about 500 houses on the current playing fields at Green Lane, Yarm and various measures to compensate for building on there.  On the Egglescliffe bank of the river they propose to put playing fields, a boating pavilion, a park and a footbridge to link them to Yarm and the school.  Also on the Egglescliffe side of Yarm Bridge they propose a 40 space car park, described as long stay parking for Yarm, behind the Blue Bell.
Councillors haven't yet seen any detail of the plans but even without detail we can see some impact on the Teesdale Way and some changes to the character of the river bank in that area.
The consultation event is taking place in Conyers school, Yarm (the Big Cook Canteen), between 4.30 and 8.30pm on Thursday 21st June.  Alan, Lesley and I hope that lots of Eaglescliffe people will make the effort to get there and give their opinions.  We will try to get copies of the plans so that people who can't get to the event can see them later.  Get in touch if you live in Eaglescliffe and need to see them after Thursday.

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