Monday, September 06, 2004

A New Start

Inspired by several other Lib Dem activists I have taken the plunge! Residents of Egglescliffe ward, and people with an interest in it, can now read news and comments on the wonderful, world-wide web. (Happy Birthday for 2nd September to the Internet - 35 this year)
Today we said goodbye for now to Michael and Ray, our house guests of last night, as they went off to Hartlepool to do yet more leaflet delivering before driving back to Luton. During the last few weeks we've hosted an amazing variety of people who've come to make their contribution to getting Jody Dunn elected.

Yet more planning applications for Eaglescliffe - Aislaby Road application has been changed to remove the apartments and fill the site with houses instead. Comments need to be in by the end of the week. Clarence Works, Clarence Road application has changed from 3 houses to 2. Comments need to be in by 15th Sept. Rookery/Sunnymount, South View has a new application for 3 houses and 21 flats with the demolition of the two existing buildings. Meanwhile Stockton Council is getting on with the lengthy process of producing some planning guidance on flatted development. If it goes through it will help to ensure that flats are only built where the infrastructure (public transport, shops, etc) will support them.

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