Thursday, September 16, 2004

Planning Disaster

Yesterday was not a good day. Stockton's planning committee passed the revised plans for Aislaby Road on the chairman's casting vote. 4 perfectly good family sized houses in wonderful gardens will now be demolished to make way for 29 family sized houses in smaller gardens. This is better than the mix of flats and houses that was originally proposed, but still a huge change in the character of this stretch of Aislaby Road.
There will be a footpath along the Aislaby Road frontage of the site, but no further because the road is too narrow to take a footpath along its whole length. Instead, the stretch of the Teesdale Way from there to Yarm Road will be surfaced. We were assured that Northumbrian Water Ltd will resolve the manhole issue, and I have no doubt that faithful residents will keep us informed on the progress of that resolution!
Egglescliffe Parish Council and the residents of the area affected showed just what people can do when they work together and I am proud to be a Borough Councillor representing this ward. My hope now for Aislaby Road is that the residents of the new houses will become part of the community which has started to develop along there, and perhaps we will after all be proved wrong and have a vibrant sustainable community.

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