Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Planning update

One of the less pleasant parts of being a ward councillor is opening the post and finding that the next planning committee agenda includes no less than three controversial applications in my own ward. First up, the ongoing saga of Aislaby Road. Following the deferment last time of an application to build 50 dwellings (flats and houses) we now have an amendment to build 29 houses. Again many residents complain that it's too many. Again we have the question of pedestrian safety - will people be able to live there and not use cars for most journeys?
The proposed extension and alterations to 15 Station Road are causing concerns about parking and road safety in the Station Road/Swinburne Rd area. On the other hand, the premises are currently an eyesore, and the refurbishment of the frontage would probably be a great improvement.
The proposed alterations and extension to 3 Langdale Close are causing more anguish to neighbours, and that is the third of the trio for next week. I foresee some lively debate in committee. Anyone wishing to be there should go to the Lecture Theatre in Stockton Central Library for 1.20p.m. ready for the meeting at 1.30. Anyone wishing to speak on any of the applications should let the committee clerk know in advance. Contact either John Fletcher or me for ways of doing this, or speak to her when you arrive.

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