Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Having taken the weekend off to spend with family, including our new grand-daughter, today was back to work with a vengeance. The morning started with a meeting about what the Environment Committee should review next and decided after some debate that problems of dog fouling should be looked into. It's one of the topics on which councillors get a lot of complaints and it won't be easy to come up with any sure ways of improving things but we'll try.
I discovered last week that the spam filter used by the Council's IT system has occasionally trapped items which are genuine e-mails, not spam at all. Today I found out that one which had been copied to me but not reached me had also not reached the intended recipient. As a result no action had been taken on something which was fairly urgent and the resident concerned had no idea that we didn't know about it. So if you've sent anything in the last couple of weeks and not had a response don't hesitate to resend it. The IT department are looking into the problem now.
The planning application for 502 Yarm Rd (ex MPG petrol station) has been resubmitted with revisions to address some of the issues raised at committee last month. They will be considered at the committee, next Wednesday. Unfortunately a fault on the planning website has meant that I haven't been able to look at them!

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