Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post natal luxury down under

I've just been hearing about the latest trend in reducing pressure on post natal beds in hospital in Melbourne, Australia. For some insurance companies and some hospitals it's become cheaper to install a midwife in a luxury hotel and rent a suite for the new mother and her husband and baby and other children for a few days than to keep said mother and baby in hospital!! So for some mothers, choosing their ante-natal and post-natal care package now involves looking at hotel facilities. If it sounds incredible, it's not - it's really happening. It's a far cry from the British idea of choice in medical care, and I'm not sure what impact it has on those people who don't pay into such expensive medical insurance schemes.
Meanwhile I'm pleased to report on a much more mundane level that the planting in Larch Crescent has finally been done. Let's hope that's an end to the nightmare for the residents of ball games being played too vigorously in too small a space by young people old enough to know better and old enough to go across Yarm Rd and use the excellent facilities in Preston Park.

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thribble said...

I should emphasise the difference between the Aussie and UK health insurance schemes. Over here, we pay an increase in tax if you earn over a certain amount and don't have health insurance. So for basic level of health insurance, you just work out how much tax you'd pay and find insurance for around that. Of course, that doesn't include hospital cover, so you do pay more for that, so the question still remains. However, medical insurance is much more common over here than in the UK.