Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More questions and still no answers

I went with John and Alan to meet the owners of Witham House this morning in an effort to find out what their plans are and how long the people of Eaglescliffe will have to wait for a replacement housing scheme. The answer seems to be How long is a piece of string? The housing market isn't strong enough, building costs are high, we need to make some money in order to replenish the coffers having made big investments in housing elsewhere in the borough, etc etc. What it comes down to is that the admittedly not up to modern standard housing which was available isn't any longer there and there seems to be no prospect of its replacement coming any time soon. The deal which was struck between Erimus housing and Stockton council has turned out to be a pretty poor deal for Eaglescliffe even if it has been of great benefit elsewhere in the borough.
I needed a bit of good news and it came later in the day as our daughter told us they've moved a step nearer to selling their house and finding a better one. Hooray. One bit of the housing market that's recovering anyway.

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